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Purchasing an eLearning subscription

How to purchase an eLearning subscription

Click your selected licence package here.

You’ll be redirected to menopausefriendly.co.uk to complete your transaction.

If you already have a Menopause Friendly membership registered to your email, please log into your account first, and return to the checkout page to complete your transaction.

After you’ve completed checkout, you’ll receive an email confirmation.

If you pay by card (Stripe), you’ll also receive an email with your payment receipt and instructions on how to access your account., and you can begin assigning learning instantly.

If you pay by invoice, you’ll receive this once payment is received.

How many licences should I purchase?

All packages are annual subscriptions, entitling you to train the number of colleagues specified in your licence package each year

The certificate provided at the end of the course is valid for one year and eLearning content will be refreshed annually in line with new research, so providing annual refreshers is strongly recommended.

Payment options

You can pay by invoice or card (Stripe).

You’ll receive access to your account to begin allocating learning once payment is received (for card payments, this is instant and for invoice payments, you’ll receive access once the invoice is paid)

How does the annual subscription work?

The subscription is an annual recurring payment.

If you pay by Stripe, your card will be charged for the value of your package each year. If you pay by invoice, we’ll send you an invoice 4 weeks before the renewal date. This needs to be paid before the renewal date to maintain access to your account.

Can I buy more than one subscription to a course?

You can only have one active subscription to a colleague eLearning package at any time.

This keeps it simple for managing your sub-users and allocating learning. If you need 10 licences, you would need to purchase the 25 licence package.

However, you can mix and match with Line Manager eLearning, once this becomes available for licence. So for example you could subscribe to 1 x Colleague eLearning package and 1 x Line Manager eLearning package. 

These can be different-sized packages: e.g., 1 x 25 licence package of Colleague eLearning, and 1 x 5 licence package for Line Manager eLearning.

Can I upgrade my subscription?

The master user (the person that purchases the subscription) can upgrade to more licences at any time by navigating to account > subscriptions > clicking “…” and selecting “change plan”.

For example, if you purchase the 5 licence package, you can upgrade to the 25 licence package.

The value of the subscription will be pro-rated.

Assigning and monitoring learning

How to assign eLearning

Only the master-user for the organisation can assign learning. Sub-users do not have access.

Once your subscription is active, you can begin assigning learning to colleagues. You can assign the same number of learners as your licence package allows.

  1. Navigate to “Subscriptions” from the left-hand menu on your account
  2. Click “” next to your active subscription
  3. Select “Sub accounts
  4. Click “add sub account

You have two options for assigning learning

Option 1: Invite a new user

  • Enter their email, first name and last name
  • Click “send new users welcome email” and an invitation email with instructions on how to login will be automatically sent to their inbox

Option 2: Share the sign up URL

  • You’ll see a unique URL that you can share directly with individuals, add to a newsletter, an intranet page and more
  • Learners can sign up using this URL and they will be automatically added to your account
  • Your licences will be used up on a first-come, first-serve basis and once your licences have all been used, no further sign ups using this link will be successful unless you upgrade your subscription.

How to manage learner progress

Once learners have been assigned, either through invitation or signing up via your unique URL, their details will be listed (in subscriptions > sub-accounts).

For each sub account, you’ll see the number of logins and their last login date. On the right hand side, you’ll be able to click “course progress” to see the course progress %.

How to export your sub-users

If you have a large number of licences, you may want to export your sub-users. Scroll to the bottom of the page (subscriptions > sub accounts) and click “export sub-users“.

A CSV file will automatically save into your downloads.

How to remove or amend a sub-user

If you need to remove or amend a sub-user (i.e., use the licence for another individual), due to error or someone leaving the organisation, please contact eLearning@henpicked.net to request this.

Completed training counts as a “used licence” for that year, so if training has been completed for this licence/sub-account, changing the details will not be possible.

Completing an eLearning course

How to access your eLearning courses

All users can access eLearning courses that they’re subscribed to

  • Click “courses” on the right hand navigation menu
  • Users will see courses they’re subscribed to, as well as their % progress
  • To begin or resume the course, click the course name, and the eLearning will open in the same tab and the course summary will open.

How to start an eLearning course

When the course is opened, the course overview will open.

This lists all lessons within each module. If the learner has not started the course yet, the first lesson will show “Start“.

To begin the course, click “start” on the first lesson. This will launch the learning content, and the list of modules and lessons will move to the left-hand navigation menu.

Learners continue through the course by clicking “Complete lesson“. You cannot move to a new lesson until the previous one has been completed.

Course progress % will automatically update in the top left-hand corner to provide an idea of learning time remaining.

How to pause and resume an eLearning course

The eLearning course should take around 30 minutes to complete.

Learners can pause and resume the course if they run out of time. Progress will save in line with the last lesson they completed.

When they login to their account again, lessons they completed will show “completed“. They can pick up where they left off by clicking “start” on the next lesson.

Claiming your certificate

Once you’ve completed all lessons on the course, the course progress % at the top left of the screen will show 100%.

On the course summary page, you’ll see “certificate“. Click this, and a PDF of your certificate will be saved to your downloads.

Congratulations! Be sure to share your achievement with your network.

eLearning upgrades and cancellations

How to upgrade your eLearning subscription

Only the master-user for the organisation can upgrade your subscription. Sub-users do not have access.

If you’d like to upgrade your subscription, go to your account , click “subscriptions” and then click “” next to the subscription you’d like to upgrade.

Select “change plan“, and select the number of licences you’d like to upgrade to. You’ll be taken to the checkout page to complete your transactions, and the price will be pro-rata’d.

Similiarly to sign up, you’ll recieve access to your additional licences once payment has been received. For card (Stripe) payments, this is instantly. If you paid by invoice, you’ll get access once your invoice has been paid.

Please note, this only applies to eLearning upgrades at present. If you’re a Menopause Friendly member, you will be able to manage your subscription in the same way soon.

How to cancel your eLearning subscription

Only the master-user for the organisation can upgrade your subscription. Sub-users do not have access.

If you’d like to cancel your subscription, go to your account , click “subscriptions” and then click “” next to the subscription you’d like to cancel.

Menopause Friendly Membership

How to access your Menopause Friendly Membership

On the left navigation menu, select “Menopause Friendly Membership“.

If you have an active membership, you’ll be directed to the homepage for your membership level.

If you don’t have an active membership, you’ll be directed to a page with instructions on how to start your journey.

Can I manage my Menopause Friendly subscriptions here?

Not at present. Soon, you’ll be able to manage your subscriptions to Menopause Friendly Membership and Menopause in the Workplace eLearning on demand via your account.

We’ll keep you posted. If you have any questions about your Menopause Friendly membership in the meantime, please contact membersupport@henpicked.net, and we’ll be happy to help.

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