The Menopause Friendly Employer Awards 2024

Award application

Celebrate and recognise your organisation or individual’s efforts of changing the lived experience of those working through menopause.

How to apply:

1. Apply for award categories by 21 June 2024 using this application form. You’ll be asked for information and evidence specific to the award(s) you have selected. You can use this word document to draft your application and when you’re ready copy and paste into the online form opposite.

2. An organisation can apply for up to 3 categories, and individuals can nominate themselves or someone else for this year’s individual award: The Carolyn Lazarus Award for Best Individual Contribution. 

3. All applications are reviewed by The Menopause Friendly team, so please make sure you upload only relevant evidence.

4. Save your progress at anytime by clicking “save draft”. You’ll then recieve an email with a link to resume your application.

5. When you submit your application, you’ll recieve an email confirming successful submission and a summary of your application.

Key dates

21 June 2024: Entries close for all categories

June – July 2024: Shortlists will be announced for each category

11 September 2024: Winners and highly commended entries will be announced at the awards ceremony.

If you have any questions about the application process, please contact

2024 Award Categories

Employers can apply for a maximum of 3 award categories. You can nominate yourself or someone else for this year’s Individual Award.

Menopause Friendly Accredited Employer of the Year

The Menopause Friendly Accredited employer which, regardless of its size, has embedded menopause into its culture, transforming the workplace experience for all.

Most Inclusive Menopause Friendly Employer

The organisation that recognises the diverse experiences of menopause and considers intersectionality in respect of how gender, age, ethnicity and cultural differences impact colleagues. This organisation will show it actively promotes inclusive participation in its menopause programme.

Most Open Culture

The organisation that fosters open dialogues about menopause, demonstrates visible support from senior leadership and actively encourages everyone to participate in sharing their personal stories.

Most Menopause Friendly Working Environment

The organisation that puts colleagues’ needs at the heart of their workplaces, strategically designing the environment to accommodate adjustments for those working with menopausal symptoms ensuring they are comfortable and can continue thriving.

Best Engagement Approach

The organisation that has innovatively developed campaigns or initiatives to foster positive, creative and engaging perceptions of menopause in the workplace, integrating it into everyday working life.

Best Trained Workforce

 The organisation that runs a comprehensive training programme which includes exciting initiatives focused on menopause in the workplace, tailored to address the diverse needs of various audience groups.

Best Peer-to-Peer Support

The organisation that has created the best approach to enable peer to peer support, ensuring a safe space and inclusive environment for conversations around menopause in the workplace.

Most Supportive Partner

The organisation that goes above and beyond in motivating and inspiring external organisations to start conversations / take action on menopause in the workplace.

INDIVIDUAL AWARD | The Carolyn Lazarus Award for Best Individual Contribution

The Carolyn Lazarus Award   is a very special accolade, and will be given to the individual who has made the most significant impact on changing the way people think and feel about menopause, in or out of the workplace.

Carolyn Lazurus was the founder of totally4women (t4w), an online community for women to allow and encourage them to share their experiences, ask the kind of questions they had felt unable to raise before and offer support to one another. The success of her initiative brought women together, often allowing them to gain, or regain, confidence and a sense of being. Carolyn was full of energy and fortitude: her determination and willingness to listen and learn was born out of her passion to help other women.

Tragically, Carolyn, wife to Marc and mother to Daisy and Chad, lost her battle with cancer in 2016.

Throughout her life she faced challenges and opportunities with courage and strength of spirit and would be pleased to know this award recognises such attributes in its recipient.

Complete this application form by 21 June 2024 to apply for 2024 awards