The second Menopause Friendly Employer Awards were held on 14 September at the Royal Lancaster Hotel, London. 

This very special evening was held to celebrate the difference all those attending are making to people’s lives. A time for them to pause, reflect and recognise the incredible work they’re doing to support those that need it through menopause. 

It’s incredible to see how things have shifted, even in the space of the last 12 months. Our inaugural event in 2022 saw us welcome 183 guests. This year, almost 400 people walked the red carpet, plus we were joined by even more guests on virtual tables and via livestreaming. 

“We did wonder how we could top last year’s event and I must say I feel totally awestruck by the fact we were joined by so many inspirational people,” says Deborah Garlick, CEO of Henpicked: Menopause in the Workplace. “We’ve seen the number of employers achieving Menopause Friendly Employer status more than double, not to mention the hundreds of employers who’ve committed to becoming menopause friendly. And that’s just in a year!

“Seven years ago, when we at Henpicked starting supporting employers, we couldn’t find any with a menopause policy. What a fantastic difference a few years can make.”

The Awards applications this year came from a wide variety of employers, large and small, public and private sector, and from a wide span of industries. 

“I know the Independent Panel was bowled over by the sheer number and exceptional quality of the applications for these Awards and the amazing things these organisations are doing,” continues Deborah. “Every single finalist should be so proud, it’s a great achievement.

“The change we’re all seeing now would not have happened without all you’ve done and all you are doing. What we’re all doing now helps us today and for generations to come.

“And when I say generations a little fact that surprised me, is that if you take the average age of menopause – 51 – the first Millennials are about to enter perimenopause! 

“And of course, menopause can happen much earlier than 51 so some are already experiencing it, whether that’s early menopause naturally or through surgery or medically induced menopause.

“Many of us are likely to be parents of millennials. Wouldn’t it be so wonderful to think that their generation and that of their children won’t have to face the challenges that we have faced or encounter the barriers we have had to navigate?”

The mission that we’re on at The Menopause Friendly Accreditation is to reach a point where people say:

  • Of course I know about menopause
  • I’m not struggling with symptoms. I knew what to look out for and I knew what to do. And if symptoms did prove to be challenging I knew how to get the support I needed and didn’t suffer in silence. 
  • Menopause? It’s just a normal topic of conversation. 

Going global

While we’re all contributing to cultural change in our workplaces and lives across the UK, the word is also spreading globally. 

“Menopause Friendly Australia is now live and the first US team launches next month,” says Deborah. “Clear signs that things are moving in the right direction, and on a worldwide platform.”

Our charity and research partners

The Menopause Friendly Employer Awards not only recognise excellence in the field, they also raise funds for menopause-related charities and research. 

“Last year, we raised £75,000 for our charity and research partners, and were delighted two of them joined us on the evening,” continues Deborah. “We’re now fully funding a three-year research project into Menopause and Neurodiversity at Bournemouth University – groundbreaking research which will have a huge and far-reaching impact.

“We’re also supporting the Daisy Network again this year. This fantastic organisation supports those who experience very early menopause, which can be devastating. Our donation will once again be helping to pay for counselling sessions for women and their families.

“The Menopause Friendly Employer Awards have been a great way to say thank you to organisations across the country for all they’re doing to support those going through menopause. To recognise that, while we still have work to do, we’re making huge strides compared with where we were just a few years ago.

“We’ve already had some wonderful feedback from companies who attended the Awards. Well done to all our winners, and indeed to all organisations who have committed to becoming Menopause Friendly.

“I’m looking forward to seeing what the next year brings!”


The Independent Panel awarded Deborah Garlick with a surprise award…

For her outstanding contribution to the menopause at work agenda over the years ‘Deborah Garlick has worked tirelessly to bring about change across the UK, and now across the rest of the world. She was talking about menopause at work long before it was high profile, and faced, what must have felt like an uphill battle at times, to make the case that providing awareness and support for menopause at work is essential. This work has not only changed workplace, it has changed lives and will continue to do so, and we know that is what really matters to her.’ 


With special thanks for Menopause Friendly Employer Awards wonderful sponsors:

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